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Our people are leading experts in their field. Our consultants are passionate about making a difference to our clients' results. We have built our expertise in projects big and small, technical and strategic, across the map for leading client organizations.
  • Structural Design

    Structural Design of a building requires your building category, whatever it is industrial, residential, and commercial, storage, academic, hospital etc. We consider the ...

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  • Structural Safety

    Structural Safety is a major issue in buildings, whichever it is industrial or residential or any other type. In Bangladesh, safe structural design practices was rare ava...

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  • Electrical Design

    Electrical Design includes electrical load calculation according to uses of your building and to design a safe electrical design of your building. It includes cable sizes...

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  • Electrical Safety

    Electrical safety is also important for any building. We evaluate the building in respect of electrical safety system considering electrical loads, uses cables and circui...

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  • Construction Management

    Our company is giving construction management solution. Whenever a project is constructed, its most important work to manage the whole construction work. We are doing the...

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  • Project Planning & implementation Management

    To start a project, planning is necessary. Planning includes the implementation procedure and master work schedule. We are planning your project and suggest you implement...

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  • Plumbing Design

    To build a building in a proper way plumbing and sanitation design is most important for supply of water and disposal of soils. Our engineering team will design your plum...

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  • HVAC

    HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort. HVAC is important in the design of medium to large indu...

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  • Fire safety

    Fire safety of building is most important issue for a industrial , residential or any other type buildings. We consider as built condition of a building and then evaluat...

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  • Fire Safety System

    Now a day’s Fire Safety System is a vulnerable issue for any type of building. So, every project, whether it is residential or industrial or any other type, it is requi...

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  • Architectural Design

    Architectural Design is a concept of planning & designing on a land based on architectural knowledge and history. We have a sound team which deals with Architectural Desi...

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  • Building Health Monitoring

    A building should have proper guideline to use. As every equipment have proper guideline to use. To monitor your building health it requires to check in a time of interva...

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  • Other Services

    Behind all the descriptions, if you need any other type of solution regarding buildings, we provide you at our best try and also considering the situation....

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  • Post Seismic Evaluation

    Post Seismic Evaluation is a new requirement of your building. If any earth quake happens and it feels in your buildings, you may have an opportunity to evaluate your bui...

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d.zignscape Consultants ltd., as its name suggest, is consultancy firm specialises in engineering, architecture and building safety assessment.

Our areas of expertise include Estimating, Cost Control, CPM Scheduling, Construction Management, Expert Witness and performing essential retrofitting work for existing old or defective building.